An overview of the voluntary positions available:

As a non-for-profit organisation we rely on our wonderful support of volunteers from all ages, backgrounds and experiences. We welcome anyone from students, academics, artists, activists to engage with ÚNA festival from behind the scenes.

Working with ÚNA is a very hands-on approach. Some relevant experience is required but for us passion, enthusiasm and creativity come first. Many things can be learned while doing in collaboration with other team members.

Please send your CV and a cover letter to unafest@gmail.com ​outlining why you think you would be a great addition to the team. Be part of ÚNA, a festival uniting stories, arts and people to awaken the importance of our world’s rich cultural, social and ecological diversity!

ÚNA Teams:

Fundraisers support the head of Fundraising & Partnerships Liaison in raising funds to ensure we can cover the overall costs of the event, travel for the speakers, accommodation and other expenses. An understanding of fundraising is required and preferably experience in submitting grants or contacting third parties to negotiate partnership and/or sponsorship. This role will suit somebody with a high level of communication and organisation skills.

Advertising volunteers are in charge of designing the communication material for our social media channels, website, posters, flyers and tote bags advertising ÚNA festival, as well as designing the programme for audience members. This is still a creative role that will suit somebody with some experience in graphic design and an understanding of marketing.

Logistics volunteers support the Head of Logistics with venue arrangements, speakers’ accommodation and transport bookings, organising catering, tech equipment and other elements necessary for the festival to run smoothly. This will suit an organised person comfortable with meeting deadlines and ideally with some experience organising events.

PR volunteers will look after the ÚNA website and social media channels – Instagram, Twitter, WordPress and Facebook. Experience of managing social media is thus required, preferably with creative ideas about conveying the themes of the festival to varied audiences. Ensuring press engagement with the festival and liaising with journals and websites is also situated within this role, so a high level of communication and professionalism is expected.

Finance volunteers will take care of budgeting and keeping record of ÚNA festival overall expenses, managing bank accounts and invoices, preparing financial reports and working closely with the Fundraising Team. This is a role tailored for someone comfortable with Microsoft Excel, accounting, tight deadlines and paying close attention to detail.

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